As a ballet dancer I love taking Pilates classes but I wanted to find a new, different class to take. As a student at Haverford I also wanted to find one that was conveniently located so I could walk to the studio. BFF offers all of this and more. The teachers are challenging and fun so I always look forward to class. The prices are totally reasonable, something that is hard to find on the Main Line. I leave class feeling amazing. It’s a great start or finish to my day. I’m not at Haverford now because I’m studying abroad but I miss BFF so much! I’ve tried finding some kind of class to take but they’re all so expensive (and in German!). I can’t wait to start taking classes again this January.
Caroline N.
I was first introduced to Barre through Focus Fitness Main Line and thought it was a good complement to my yoga practice. When BFF opened up, I found that yoga became a good complement to Barre, which quickly overtook it as my main workout choice. The instructors’ insistence on correct form has really allowed me to transform my body, even my trouble spots since my kids were born. The music is also a great motivator as I struggle through those pesky last repetitions. I would highly recommend Barre, and specifically BFF, to anyone who is looking for a truly transformative experience!00
Barre Focus Fitness has reshaped my body and reshaped my opinion of exercise because I now enjoy it. I have tried other places on the Main Line but I keep coming back and am here to stay.
BFF has had such a positive impact on my life! The classes are fun and a great workout, the instructors are truly experts and are more than helpful to make sure you get the most out of every class! Once you go to your first class I guarantee you will keep going back!”
Sarah T.
I’m a marathon runner and when I went to my first barre class, I thought to myself: these exercises are for wimps. Then I could barely walk home! Who’s the wimp now?
Alexandra P.
Barre Focus Fitness totally changed my fitness routine. Before beginning a barre regime, I only exercised on the elliptical and did abs every now and then. After my first Barre class, I immediately felt the results – I could barely walk the day after! As my muscles adjusted, I began to notice very positive effects. My body looked lean and toned, and I was only going to one class per week. I received many compliments on my “new body,” and I made sure to tell everyone about BFF. One of my favorite things about class is the great music selection, as it definitely takes my mind off the tough barre sequences. Thank you BFF for varying up my exercise options and always keeping class feeling new again!
Maggie C.
Let me start by saying that I LOVE Barre Focus Fitness. he studio is clean and the vibe is very welcoming and low key (unlike some of the classes I have taken on the Main Line!). Though I considered myself to be pretty fit before I started this workout, I must admit I was a shaking, sore mess for the first few weeks. Now that my body is more accustomed to it, I enjoy the work out even more. To my surprise, the small movements and light weights and resistance have transformed my body—I have more definition, especially in my arms, and overall I look leaner and longer (well, as long as one can look at 5 feet tall!). I have tried so many other exercise programs: cross fit, boot-camp, yoga, pilates, running and the lithe method—and yet this is the one workout that has gotten me to look and feel the way I want to! It is easy on the joints but really works the muscles in a deep way. I enjoy the trendy, upbeat music and the instructors are always watching to make sure your form is correct, or to make suggestions if it is not. Trust me: If I am willing to get up at 6 am to fit Barre Focus Fitness into my day, it’s worth it!
Magen K.
I really loved the Barre classes I took this summer. I normally just do Pilates and cardio, so this was a great change from my regular routine. I really like how it puts a lot of emphasis on stretching, which is a weak point for me. I also love the pace and the enthusiasm of the instructors.
Annabelle K.