Heidi Johnson

Heidi completed the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Exercise certification in 1988 after graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has been teaching a variety of exercise formats ever since. While living in Hawaii in the early 1990s, she enjoyed all the indoor/outdoor group exercise instruction opportunities the tropical climate had to offer, but was particularly inspired teaching “chair aerobics” to a hard working, enthusiastic group of factory workers on their lunch break.

From 1996-2014, Heidi lived in Charlottesville, Virginia where she taught group fitness classes through the University of Virginia’s Intramural-Rec Sports department, including step aerobics, cycle, hi/lo impact and sports conditioning as well as guiding and mentoring employee groups through UVA’s “Hoos Well” program. As a volunteer, she helped train Charlottesville’s Ragged Mountain Racing Team athletes (post-collegiate elite distance runners), through weekly strength, balance and flexibility workouts.

Heidi has enjoyed running since high school, although in her small town of Barre, Massachusetts (yes, she’s really from *Barre*) there was no girls track or cross country team in the early 80s. In 2001, her friend Gretchen convinced her to train for the Philadelphia marathon. Their successful finish led to Heidi’s streak of 12 consecutive Boston Marathon finishes and many others. Running is Heidi’s passion but an impact injury led her to her first barre class in 2012. From day one she was hooked! Heidi loves the high-intensity-but-low-impact aspect of barre class and appreciates how improvement in this exercise format is continuous. While acknowledging that class never really gets easier, she believes that she and her clients make progress in strength, form, focus, endurance, etcetera over time. She especially loves teaching an exercise class that welcomes people of all ages and abilities.

Most of all, by far, Heidi loves the positive, supportive, nurturing environment at Barre Focus Fitness.